James O-L solo album ,Cancer In Treble City, released

James O-L - Cancer In Treble City-1
On November 11, 2016 James released a new solo album. The album is a five song instrumental album in an electronic punk style. The all instrumental album is accompanied by a poem called, Cancer In Treble City. A music video for ‘The Pollution Is Killing Me’ was made by Adam Muraki.

The album can be downloaded for free with the poem and some extras here.
If you want to purchase a physical album you can do so at our bandcamp site.

Here is the album release flyer designed by Greg Maxwell James O-L Cancer In Treble City Album Relese Swamp Thing Poster

Greg Maxwell also designed some cool new T-shirts with a swamp thing design available to order at ourbandcamp page.img_3101

Josh Olsen wrote an article for The Windsor Independent focusing on the album release show http://www.windsorindependent.com/music/james-ol-releasing-solo-album-bus-tbx/.
Tom Morrison wrote an article for OurWindsor http://www.ourwindsor.ca/whatson-story/6958499-james-o-l-aims-to-break-the-mold-with-new-electronic-punk-album/ which focused on the musical influences behind the album.

All in all it was really fun to put together this album. I had dreamed of making this type of music for years and was happy to get a grant from the city to help out with some of the financial costs associated with the writing process.

As for other JOLATV news. The Villains have recorded two new songs in November at Polaris Studios in Windsor, ON. We had an awesome experience at the studio and got a few really good takes. We will release the songs once they are done getting mixed and continue recording new songs for our upcoming album, Wild Goose Jack. Stay tuned friends.